Hello Every one before going into my blog i want to share a few words .

The word programming is commonly used today. Right now every new technology that’s being developed is based on this. It is a  technique of automating the operations that you perform on daily basis so that the extra overhead you incur is reduced.

So to make it happen ,the basic language you need to learn is “C” developed by Dennis Ritche. C is one of most popular languages that stands as a base to many applications that were developed today.

First of all when you begin to  learn programming make sure that  you are with a cool head because many people assume that it is the most difficult thing on earth.There is nothing to fear because its we that developed every thing.So keep in mind that nothing can beat human brain ,be confident  and remember the word “Nothing is Impossible”.

Here you can get information regarding programming languages that are to my knowledge and also the latest trends and happenings.

Check out for tutorial on C  programming language in Tech Training page where you can get tutorials on different concepts with related examples.You can find other related programs of a concept in Other Programs page.

The main reason to present about ‘C’ is “A Child can learn many things from a Mother”.

Hope you enjoy this blog and any suggestions are welcomed.

Contact – programmingandworld@gmail.com
Best Quote i have found..
“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. “
Francis of Assisi

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